oiorpata (oiorpata) wrote,

First fishes ordered, hatched fishes vanishing

The tank has been ready since last Friday. I gave it a few extra days just to be sure, kept topping up the ammonia levels and testing the water, getting readings of zero ammonia and nitrite after 10 hours.

Didn't want to delay any further, with the Easter holidays coming up, and have just ordered 12 cardinal tetras, 12 hengel's rasboras and one green spotted bristlenose catfish. To arrive on Wednesday morning. The tetras and rasboras are tiny fishes that are happiest swimming around the mid levels of the tank, in groups of their own kind, so it seemed kindest to get a dozen of each. Only one catfish though, because they defend a territory, and I don't want any catfish wars. Only peaceful zen fishes allowed. I was going to order some tiny endler's livebearers for the top level of the water, but decided to wait and see if any of the newly hatched killifish survive to adulthood, because they're surface swimmers too.

Forced myself to stay away from the newly hatched fish babies in their little ice cream tray until late evening. Sad to report that not one of the slightly larger hatchlings was visible. They seem to have gone from 7 in assorted sizes to only 2 really titchy ones. They're so small that I don't think they'll be able to eat baby brine shrimp, or even decapsulated brine shrimp eggs. So small my eyes can't see them until they move. I'm clinging to the hope that the larger ones have got clever and gone to hide in the moss, but it's a pretty forlorn hope. Poor little mites.

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