oiorpata (oiorpata) wrote,

They're here!

Nasty panic here when I passed by the tank and noticed it had been loosing heat overnight. The fish are on their way, and will need a nice cosy place to recover from their journey. Why would this happen today? For a few horrible minutes it seemed the new heater was broken, but when I turned up the dial it started to get warmer, so either I moved the dial a tad yesterday when doing a massive pre-fish delivery water change, or it has already become unreliable.

Is this how the universe teaches new fish keepers to invest in back up equipment? Doesn't the universe know that some of us are already brassic? Is the universe going to pay the credit card bill next month? Am I so stupid that I ignore this warning only to watch the innocent fishes suffocate, perish from hypothermia or slow cook to death due to heater regulation failure? Too horrible to contemplate, surplus filter and heater ordered.

The temperature had climbed to 23.7 by the time the overnight courier rang the doorbell. Three large bags are floating in the tank, and in half an hour I shall start adding small quantities of water from my tank to the water in the bags. I've tried to count the teeny fishes, it's hard because they refuse to keep still and I don't want to frighten them with any bright lights. The green spotted ancistrus is looking more grey than green, but the multitude of fleshy bristles sprouting from it's head reassure me that the shop did follow my instructions and pick out a male. The rasboras are looking quite pale and stressed but the cardinal tetras are surprisingly colourful and lively considering they've spent the night packed into very little water, in a large plastic bag inside a box. Oooh the excititude!

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