oiorpata (oiorpata) wrote,

Why hens need correctional facilities

Yesterday, an oppressively hot day, I dug over a 1.2 x1.2 meter plot and carefully planted the sweet corn seedlings that had been raised indoors and gradually hardened off to go out. Then I bent my vastitude multiple times to ensure that each individual plant was gently inserted into a prewatered hole, and the earth replaced to hold the plants in place in a slight dip so that they'd each have an individual reservoir when watered.

This afternoon not one single sweet corn plant remains upright. Most of them do not remain at all, the rest are bare stalks with every single leaf pecked off and eaten. The hens must have fluttered over the fence, feasted, and fluttered back in plenty time to practice looking innocent before I was up and about. Beastly beasts.

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